New Chat with your notes

Turn thoughts into memories with daily voice notes

Use your voice to capture life's moments and easily customize the details for perfect recal


Daily note taking

Create daily note without efforts

You just speak about your day, we handle the rest and challenges your responses.

Take daily notes
Our application remind you to take a daily note to keep track of your progress.
Auto-generated weekly and monthly summary
Every week, we generate a summary of your notes to help you track your progress.
The AI ask you questions about your day
We use your configuration to never forget to ask you the right questions.
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Remember what you did

Get weekly and monthly email about your life

Get a "story" of your life, with all the notes you took, every week and every month.

Nothing to do
Just create your daily note and we will take care of the rest.
Summary by AI
We will take the main information to create a short summary of your week/month.
Find them in your dashboard
You want remember what you did in a specific week? Just go to your dashboard and find it.
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Configure your notes

Define what you want to track daily.

You can track about anything you want. You just need to define the fields you want to track and we will ask you about them.

Step 1

Define your configuration.

Like "work done" or "sport" to track your daily activities.

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Step 2

Just talk about your day.

We find the fields you defined and take the right data.

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Step 3

View your notes.

We organize your notes in a beautiful way so you can see them

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You want stop forgetting about your life?
It's time to start.

What change after PowerNote ?

Stop forgetting about your lives

😞 Taking daily note without PowerNote

  • Forgeting to take note
  • Take small note
  • Never find the note again
  • No consistency

😎 And WITH PowerNote

  • Daily note is fun and easy to take
  • Reminder every day
  • Week and month summary automatic
  • Talk with my notes and never forget anything


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Start creating your daily notes..

  • Create 10 notes

  • Chat with your notes

  • Edit your notes

  • Use audio recorder

  • Infinite configuration settings

  • Export your notes


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Stop forgetting about your daily life, start taking notes without thinkings.

  • Create unlimited notes

  • Chat with your notes

  • Edit your notes

  • Use audio recorder

  • Infinite configuration settings

  • Export your notes


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